How to Link Facebook to Gmail

By Matt Koble

Facebook lets you link multiple email addresses to one account. If your business recently switched to Gmail, or you want to give someone else access to the account, you can add another Gmail address. You can log in to the account through any connected email address. One of the email addresses is the primary address, where Facebook and your Facebook apps send all the emails regarding the account. Adding a secondary email address also improves account security, as you'll be able to log in and access the account if an earlier email address becomes compromised.

Click Facebook's Account Settings drop-down from your home page before selecting the "Account Settings" link. Click "Edit" under the Email section of the General tab.

Click the "Add Another Email" link. Type the Gmail address into the appropriate text box. Type your Facebook password into the Password text box and click "Save Changes."

Log in to Gmail and open the email verification message from Facebook. Click the link Facebook asks you to follow for confirmation. The link sends you back to your Facebook General Account Settings page. Click "Email" to verify that the new Gmail address was added.

Click the circle next to the new Gmail address and click "Save Changes" to set it as Facebook's default email address for the account. All email you receive from Facebook goes to the account's primary email address.


Delete a secondary email address by clicking the "Remove" link next to the address in the Account Settings menu.