How to Link a Logo to a Website

By Brandy Alexander

Use a logo for your brand on the web.
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A logo is a digital image that identifies your business or brand and helps others recognize you on the Internet. When you design web pages and/or participate in online forums, you can place this graphic on a page to further market your presence and allow others to find you easier. Using a couple of lines of HTML, you can easily link your own logo to a website so that you have greater representation on the web.

Upload your logo file on your web host in the same directory or folder that you keep your other web files and make a note of its location. Formats of JPG, PNG or GIF work best.

Launch your HTML text editor and open the page where you want to add the logo.

Place your cursor in the code window where you want the image to appear, type the “<img>” code sequence and enter the location of your logo from step one. For example: <img src=”>

Enter an opening and closing “anchor” tag before and after the image source entry so that it takes the visitor to a web page when clicked. Additionally, type in the destination URL in the opening tag. For example: <a href=””><img src=” /></a>

Save your file and upload it back on your web host to publish the linked logo on your website.

Items you will need

  • Web host

  • HTML text editor