How to Know if My Brand Is Mentioned on Facebook

By Gissimee Doe

Facebook comments can give your brand a marketing boost.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Monitoring your brand’s online reputation is an important part of maintaining your corporate image. You need to know if your brand is mentioned on social networking sites, such as Facebook, in order to gauge the success of your marketing efforts and so you can address any unfavorable comments or posts. You can also use Facebook’s “People Talking About This” feature, marketing support tools and search bar to monitor your brand mentions and see some of the posts mentioning your brand. There are tools that you can purchase or download to monitor your brand’s name online, some of which include Facebook tracking.

Facebook Tools

Facebook alerts you to people mentioning your brand in posts with the “People Talking About This” feature of its Page Insights marketing support tools. Facebook scans users’ messages, comments, wall posts, shares and other activities for brand mentions as part of its “Facebook Marketing Solutions” application for your brand’s page and provides you with the total number of mentions for the period, as well as a comparison to the previous period’s total and a graph depicting mentions in relation to other metrics. The “People Talking About This” total is visible on your brand’s Facebook page where it signals your brand’s popularity to potential customers and serves as a marketing tool in itself.

Facebook Search

Facebook’s “People Talking About This” tool includes more than just brand mentions in comments, but you might want to see the actual comments that people have made about your brand. This will be especially critical if you’re concerned about your brand’s reputation. You can use Facebook’s Search feature to locate public comments about your brand by typing your brand’s name in the search bar. The search results will list all relevant stories along with the name of the poster and a clickable link to his/her profile or page.

Social Search

Social search engines such as Topsy let you monitor brand mentions on social sites by searching for your brand’s name. The search engine results will provide you with a list of public stories, comments and posts that match your brand. These search engines let you return results for social networks other than Facebook and could provide you with a different viewpoint.


Facebook’s security and privacy settings may prevent you from seeing some of the comments and posts in which your brand is mentioned. If you use a social monitoring tool from another company, you should also use the internal Facebook tools in order to get a clearer picture of your actual brand mentions. As your business grows, you’ll need to get more sophisticated social monitoring tools to keep track of your brand’s social reputation, so choose a tool that is regularly updated to keep abreast of changes in the Facebook API.