How to Join a Skype Chat

By Anthony Oster

Skype group chat can be used to conduct meetings, trade ideas or discuss projects.
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The group conversation feature on Skype enables you to connect with as many as 300 contacts simultaneously, creating a virtual meeting room for any of your employees with access to the Internet. It lets you hold business conferences and meetings easily and for little or no cost. Joining an existing text, voice or video chat on Skype requires that you be added by a member of the group chat.

Creating a Group Chat

Sign in to Skype.

Click the "Contacts" menu and select "Create a New Group."

Click and drag contacts to the new group, initially labeled "Empty Group," to invite them to the group chat. You can rename the group by right-clicking the group and selecting "Rename."

Type a message in the group to send an instant message to each member of the group.

Click the "+" button, then select "Add people to this conversation" to invite other users to the group chat. Select the contacts that you would like to add and click the "Add" button to update the group chat roster.

Joining an Existing Chat

Sign in to Skype and select a contact from the "Contacts" list that you believe to be participating in a group chat.

Click inside the conversation box and type a message to your contact. Ask to be added to the group conversation.

Wait for the contact to confirm your request and send a group chat message. The group chat appears as a separate chat window in the "Recent" list.


Once invited to a group, you can save the group chat in your contacts by right-clicking the conversation and selecting "Save Group in Your Contacts." Once saved, you can send a message to the group chat at any time in the future.