How to Invite Users to Google Analytics Accounts

By Shawn Farner

Google Analytics is used by many businesses to track website visits, page views, user demographics and other data. You may wish to share your website's analytics information with a colleague or employee. In this case, you can add a user to your website's Analytics profile.This provides read-only or full administrative access to someone other than yourself.

Sign in to your Google Analytics account at

Click on the website Analytics profile you'd like to invite a new user to under the "Account Home" section.

Click the "Admin" button.

Click the "Users" tab under the "Profiles" section, and then click the "+ New User" button.

Enter the email address of the user you'd like to invite, and click the radio button next to either "User" or "Administrator." A user can view analytics data, while an administrator can make edits to the account.

Click the "Create User" button to complete the process. The user you invited will be sent an email invitation with a link. New users just click the provided link and then sign in to Google using an existing Google account -- there is no need to create a new account to view your Analytics data.