How to Invite People to Follow You on Twitter

By James Wright

You can reach your followers through mobile devices as well as computers.
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Twitter is a social network useful for promoting your products and sales, providing support and interacting with customers. If you are new to Twitter or need a boost in followers, you can invite people in your contact lists or by using their email addresses. This can be done from Twitter itself, letting you send an email to anyone you know with a link to follow your account.

Navigate to Twitter's homepage and log in if you have not done so already. After logging in, click "Find friends" in the "Who to follow" box.

Type in the email addresses of anyone you want to invite to follow you in the "Invite friends via email" box, separating the email addresses with commas. There is no limit to how many email addresses you can enter in the field.

Click "Invite friends" when you are finished to send an invite to every email address you just typed. Click "See what you'll send them" to see a preview of the email they will be receiving.


You can also send mass invites to everyone in your various email contact lists. Click "Search contacts" next to the various email providers, and Twitter will look for any friends with matching information currently on Twitter. Click "Skip this step" to proceed to the next step and invite everyone in your contact list who doesn't yet have an account.

Link to your Twitter account from your other social networks so people who like your content know where else to find you.