How to Invert an Image on a Sony Projector

By Solomon Poretsky

Many businesses choose to ceiling-mount their projectors. This keeps it off of the conference room table -- protecting it from being jostled when it is projecting -- or from being unplugged while it is running its cooling cycle. Most ceiling mounts hold the projector in an upside-down configuration so that its buttons face the floor, making them easier to access. While an upside-down projector generates an upside-down image, many projectors, including Sony's, include a setting in their menus that will invert the image, so that it displays right-side-up.

Turn your Sony projector on by pressing its "Power" button.

Press the "Menu" key to access the projector's on-screen display menu.

Press the "down arrow" repeatedly to select the installation option, which is denoted by an icon with a projector over an arrow pointing down towards a horizontal line. Press the "Enter" or the "Right Arrow" key to select.

Use the down arrow to scroll through the installation menu to highlight the "Image Flip" option. Press the "right arrow" or "Enter" key to select it.

Press the "down arrow" to select the "V" option to vertically flip, or invert, the image. Press "Enter" or "right arrow" to select it.

Press the "Menu" key to exit the menu system.