How to Invert a Picture on a Video Projector

By Solomon Poretsky

Video projectors offer multiple options for image display.
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Most video projectors provide an option to invert projected images on the screen. The intent of this feature is to make it possible to mount a projector in an upside-down position on the ceiling so that its top-panel buttons are easily accessible from below, although you might have other applications for it. Most projectors let you flip images by changing a setting in the on-screen display menu, although the process differs by projector and manufacturer.

Epson Projectors

Press the "Menu" button on the projector's remote control or top panel.

Use the "Down Arrow" on the remote or the projector's panel to navigate down to the extended menu option. Press the "Enter" key, denoted by a bent arrow that points down and to the left to select the option.

Push the "Down Arrow" to navigate to the projection option.

Select the correct choice for your image by using the arrows and pressing the "Enter" key. The front/ceiling and rear/ceiling menu choices provide an inverted image for either front or rear projection applications while front and rear menu options are right side up.

Press the "Esc" key to exit the projection menu. Continue pressing the "Esc" or "Menu" key until the projector's on-screen menu closes.

InFocus Projectors

Press the "Menu" button on either you remote control or on the projector's keypad.

Use the "Down Arrow" to navigate to the advanced menu and press either the "Right Arrow" or the "Enter" key to select it.

Navigate down with the "Down Arrow" to the setup option in the advanced menu. Press "Select" or "Right Arrow" to enter that submenu.

Scroll down using the "Down Arrow" to go the image setup menu and press "Select" or "Right Arrow" to select that option.

Press the "Right Arrow" or "Select" to choose the ceiling-mount option from the menu. Use the "Right Arrow" again to turn it to "On" for an inverted image or "Off" for a non-inverted image. Press "Select" to save your changes.

Wait 60 seconds for the menu to disappear or press the "Menu" key to close the menu system.

BenQ Projectors

Press the "Menu/Exit" button on the remote control or on the projector's main panel to turn on the on-screen menu.

Use the "Right Arrow" to highlight the system setup basic submenu. It should be three button presses over.

Press the "Down Arrow" until the projector position is highlighted.

Use the "Left Arrow" or "Right Arrow" to select the front ceiling option for an inverted image or front table option for a right side up image. If you mount your projector behind the screen, use the rear ceiling and rear table options from the menu instead.

Press the "Menu/Exit" key twice to exit the menu and save your changes.