How to Install Windows XP to a Disk Partition

By Ruri Ranbe

i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Installing Windows XP to another partition on your hard disk is a necessary task if you want to configure your computer to boot multiple operating systems. Installing Windows XP is relatively straightforward and does not require a lot of technical expertise. Furthermore, the process required to install Windows XP to a partitioned drive is essentially identical to the process required to install Windows XP to an unpartitioned drive.

Turn on your computer and insert your Windows XP CD into an available CD or DVD drive.

Restart your computer. Access the BIOS screen and change the boot priority to the CD or DVD drive containing the Windows XP CD. Since BIOS settings vary based on make and model, contact your motherboard's manufacturer or check your computer's manual if you are not sure how to access or configure your BIOS.

Save the settings and restart your computer. Press any key to boot your computer from the Windows XP CD.

Press "Enter" when you reach the Windows XP welcome screen. Read the Microsoft Windows License Agreement, then press "F8."

Select the partition you want to install Windows XP on and press "Enter."

Choose "Format the partition using the NFTS file system," then press "Enter." Windows XP will format the disk partition, and then copy system files over to the formatted partition.

Follow the onscreen guide to configure XP's language and software settings. Enter your Windows XP product key into the boxes, then click "Next."

Enter your computer name, administrative password, date and time and connection information to finish configuring Windows XP. Continue following the onscreen guide until you reach the "Welcome to Microsoft Windows" screen.

Click "Next," then click "Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic updates." Click "Next."

Enter information about your network settings, then click "Next." If you want to register with Microsoft, enter the necessary information, then click "Next."

Click "Finish" to complete the Windows XP installation.


To install Windows XP on your computer, you must own a legal copy of the Windows XP Install CD.

Back up your hard drive before installing XP to your computer.


Make sure you select the correct partition to install Windows XP. If you select the wrong partition, you could end up erasing important files.