How to Install the Drivers for the HP LaserJet 1000 in Windows 7

By Andrew Aarons

Not all printers have support on all operating systems, but the LaserJet 1000 has a workaround.
i John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Some printers just keep on ticking. The HP LaserJet 1000 was first released in 2001 as a solution for home office or small business printing needs. The trouble is, HP designed and released this printer when Windows 2000 and XP dominated the market and 64-bit operating systems like Windows 7 were the stuff of a distant future. The LasterJet 1000 does work in Windows 7, but not with a native driver -- HP never released a Windows 7 driver. To use your still-kicking HP LaserJet 1000 with a Windows 7 system, you'll need a workaround.

Open a new browser window and visit Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Under "Product Category" select "Desktop Printer," then choose "Magicolor 2430DL-Drivers-Windows 7 64-bit" and click "Show" to display the drivers for download. No, these drivers are not specifically designed for the HP LaserJet 1000, but Konica's printer drivers are generic and will get your HP working in Windows 7.

Click on "mc2430DL win7 x64" to download the file to your computer. Click to open the file, and unzip its contents into a folder called "C:\PrinterDriver."

Click "Start" and open "Control Panel," then choose "Device Manager" from the list of icons. Beside HP LaserJet 1000, you'll see a yellow exclamation point. Right-click on the printer from the list of devices and choose "Update Driver Software."

Click "Browse My Computer For Driver Software," browse to "C:\PrinterDriver" and click "Next." Click "OK" to complete the driver installation and reboot your computer if prompted.

Click "Start" and then "Devices and Printers." Right click on "HP LaserJet 1000." Your printer may have been renamed "KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 2430DL." Choose "Properties," click on the "Advanced" tab and look under the "Print Processor" heading for "Winprint Raw." Click "Winprint Raw" and then click "OK" to save your changes.


Don't worry that you're installing a driver for a different printer; the driver is generic, meaning that it can communicate with a few different printers. "Winprint Raw" will take care of processing the print jobs in Windows 7, leaving the LaserJet 1000 with the simple take of printing, not processing.