How to Install CD Games on a PC

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated February 10, 2017

Installing a CD computer game onto your PC is almost exactly the same as installing any other software title. The main difference is you are asked for either a complete installation or a standard installation. A complete installation installs all of the program files so you do not need the CD while playing the game. A standard installation only installs the required files so you still need the CD to play the game.

Insert the CD game into the disc drive of the PC and wait for the gaming prompt to appear on the screen. You are asked if you want to start a new game, load a current game or install the game. Choose to install the software.

Click "Next" on the welcome page, then read through and accept the license agreement. You are not allowed to install the game if you do not accept the license agreement.

Type in the key code, if required. Some games have an access code printed on either the user manual or the back of the CD case. Click "Next" to continue.

Accept the installation name and location by clicking "Next." Now choose the installation type you want ("Complete" or "Standard"). The complete installation does take up more hard drive space, so if you are running low on space you may want to opt for the standard version.

Click "Install" and the CD game installs onto the PC.