How to Install an LG Bluetooth Headset on an iPhone

By Steve Lander

LG Bluetooth headsets safely turn drive time into productive time.
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LG's Bluetooth headsets are designed to pair with any headset-compatible Bluetooth device, enabling you to talk hands-free so you can move about, take notes or just be more comfortable during phone conversations or conference calls. A hands-free device is especially important in the car, and is required in many states. The Bluetooth support built in to the iPhone allows it to work with LG wireless headsets.

Press the home button on your iPhone to bring up the home screen, and then touch the "Settings" app.

Touch "Bluetooth" and turn the switch to "On" if necessary. Your iPhone will start looking for Bluetooth devices.

Place your LG headset in pairing mode. Some headsets require you to hold down their power button for five seconds. Others automatically enter pairing mode when you first turn them on. Review your user manual to find the exact process for your LG headset.

Touch the entry for your LG headset when it appears in the list of devices on your iPhone.

Enter the passcode for your LG headset if prompted. Your specific model's passkey is printed in its user manual, but you can try "0000" (four zeroes) if you don't have the guide handy. Your LG headset is now paired.