How to Install a Template With GoDaddy Hosting

By Serm Murmson

Templates can enhance the layout of your business website.
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The WordPress and Joomla applications can greatly augment your business website. Both allow you to create a professional, dynamic website and easily modify it behind the scenes. GoDaddy hosting accounts support WordPress and Joomla, though you can only have one installed at a time. Once you install an application, the appearance of your site is defined by the application's template files. Each application's interface gives you the ability to install custom templates.

Starting an App

Log in to your GoDaddy hosting account.

Click the "My Account" button in the top left of the page.

Click the "Launch" button in the Web Hosting category to open the Web Hosting Control Center.

Click "Applications" in the Account Snapshot menu. This will list the applications you've installed to your websites. If you have not already installed an application, select it from under the "Popular Apps" category on the home page of the control center. You will be prompted to create a login profile and then installation will begin.

Click "Log In" next to the app you wish to use and you'll be directed to the application login page.

Installing a WordPress Theme

Click "Themes" on your WordPress Dashboard page. The "Themes" option is located under the Appearances category. In WordPress, themes contain CSS style information and the template files that govern your site's content.

Click the "Install Themes" tab and you'll be able to search for themes to install.

Enter any keywords and check any parameters desired to narrow your search.

Click "Find Themes" to display all of the available WordPress themes that match your search parameters.

Click "Install Now" under the theme you wish to install. This won't immediately activate the theme; instead, it will be added to the list of possible themes to use on your site.

Click the "Manage Themes" tab. Your new theme should be listed in the available themes.

Click "Activate" to apply the new theme to your website.

Installing a Joomla Template

Click the "Extension Manager" button on your Joomla administration page.

Click the "Install" tab to view installation options.

Select the method you prefer to install a template. You can upload a template package, install from a directory or install from URL.

Enter the file or location of the template and click "Install." If you are uploading a file, the button label reads "Upload & Install."

Return to your Administration home page and click the "Template Manager" button.

Locate your new template and click the "Star" icon in the Default column to make the template active on your site.