How to Install a Scanner That Is Attached to the Laptop

By Gemma Craig

No matter which scanner you own, it must be installed before you can scan.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

A scanner is an essential business tool, which enables you to easily convert paper documents, such as employment records, as well as contracts and invoices into digital files that can be archived or transferred to colleagues. There are two necessary components to using a scanner: connecting it to the computer and then installing it. If you've connected a scanner to your laptop but it fails to scan, you will need to install its drivers so that it can communicate with the computer.

Insert the driver CD that was included with the scanner into your computer's optical drive. Wait for the CD to load and then click "Install Software/Driver." Follow the installation prompts that appear to install the scanning software that is on the disc, and to install the driver that is needed for your laptop to properly communicate with the device.

Download the driver for the scanner from the device manufacturer's website if you no longer have the installation disc that was included with the scanner. The driver can be downloaded from the "Support and Downloads" section of the manufacturer's website. Once downloaded, double-click on the driver and follow the installation prompts to install the driver.

Open your preferred scanning application. Place a document on the scanner, then close the lid and press "Scan." The scanned document should appear within the scanning application on the computer, indicating that the device is successfully installed.


Restart the computer after installing the driver if the scanner is not recognized by the laptop after installation has finished.