How to Insert Pictures in Tumblr Messages

By Irene A. Blake

Communication on Tumblr happens through following, public blog posts, responses to reblogged posts and messaging. With the Tumblr Fan Mail messaging system, you can send and receive general standard fan mail. If you have the "Ask" feature on your blog, you can also respond to direct questions submitted via that tool. Currently, standard fan mail doesn’t permit picture insertion. Instead, you must insert a URL link to a picture saved online. The template you use to respond to Ask messages permits link and picture insertion.

Standard Fan Mail

Upload an image to a picture-sharing site such as Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa Web Albums (see Resources).

Select the option to create a sharing link, and then copy the link. For example, on Flickr, select the image, click the sharing icon that looks like an arrow popping out of a box, click “Grab the Link,” highlight the URL, and then press “Ctrl-C” on your keyboard.

Go to your Tumblr Dashboard. Click the messaging icon that looks like an envelope.

Select a message type. If you’re sending a fan mail message to someone, click the “Send Fan Mail” button. If you’re answering fan mail, click “Answer” at the bottom of a message.

Click anywhere on the messaging template, and then press “Ctrl-V” to paste the link.

Enter a text message in the space, if desired, and click the “Send” button.

Ask Messages

Access your Tumblr Dashboard and click the icon shaped like an envelope to access the messaging system.

Click the Answer icon that looks like a note and pencil at the bottom right corner of the Ask message.

Insert a picture, or link to a picture, in the Ask message template. If the image is saved on your computer or a flash drive, click “+ Upload Photo,” then locate and select the file. If the image is on a photo-sharing site, go to the site, copy the sharing URL link, return to the opened Ask message template, and click the Insert/Edit Image icon -- a tiny picture of a tree, grass and blue sky. In the pop-up window that appears, paste the link in the Image URL field, then click the “+ Insert” button.

Click the “Publish” button to answer the question publicly on your blog, or click the “Answer Privately” message to respond to only the questioner.


You can also insert a picture link directly in the Ask message template without using the Insert/Edit Image tool. Copy and paste as you would with standard fan mail.