How to Insert Multiple Slides in PowerPoint

By Tricia Goss

Insert screens with charts, text and other details.
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When you are creating a business-related PowerPoint slide show, you are likely to have some of the images, text and other details you require in one or more other presentations. Rather than re-creating charts, graphics and formatting, you can simply insert the slides into your new presentation using the Reuse Slides option. This feature allows you to view all of the slides in a particular presentation and insert a single slide or as many as you need.

Start PowerPoint and open a new, blank presentation or open the presentation you are currently creating.

Click the "Home" tab. Click the "New Slide" down arrow in the Slides group and choose "Reuse Slides" to open the Reuse Slides pane.

Click the "Browse" button under Insert Slide From and select "Browse File." Locate and click the PowerPoint presentation from which you want to insert multiple slides and click the "Open" button. The entire presentation appears in the Reuse Slides pane.

Click each slide you want to insert in the Reuse Slides pane. If you want to insert the entire presentation, right-click any slide in the Reuse Slides pane and choose "Insert All Slides."

Click the "View" tab and select "Slide Sorter" in the Presentation Views group if you want to rearrange the slides. Move slides by dragging and dropping them where you want to place them. Click "Normal" in the Presentation Views group to return to normal view.