How to Insert an Exponent in Facebook

By Ryan Menezes

A superscript
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Facebook posts, such as statuses and comments, accept only plain text. They don't let you type in superscript font, which can produce exponent symbols from ordinary numbers. If you need to insert exponents for mathematical notation or footnotes, you must insert individual superscript Unicode characters. You can paste these characters from an external resource, but Windows also lets you insert them using your keyboard. Each Unicode letter has a shortcut that uses your computer's "Alt" key.

Place your cursor into the Facebook box where you want to insert the exponent.

Press your keyboard's "Num Lock" key to turn on Number Lock.

Press and hold the "Alt" key.

Press "0185" on your numeric keypad to insert an exponential "1." Press "253" to insert an exponential "2." Press "0179" to insert an exponential "3." Press "+" and "207" followed by any other numeral to insert any any other exponent.


If you use a laptop, the numeric keypad is usually embedded within the regular keyboard, using the following keys: "7", "8", "9", "0", "u", "i", "o", "p", "j", "k", "l", ";", ".", and "/".