How to Insert a SIM Card in a Motorola RAZR

By Neil Edwards

GSM versions of Motorola's popular RAZR V3 flip phone use a small subscriber identity module (SIM) card to connect the phone with its corresponding wireless account. The SIM card also offers a small amount of storage for contacts and other data. Backing up your contacts to the SIM card is a good way to prevent data loss in case the phone malfunctions or becomes damaged.

Press the cover release latch on the back of your RAZR located directly above the Motorola logo and pull the cover away from the phone. Position the phone so the joint where the top and bottom part of the phone connect is closest to you.

Grip the edge of your RAZR's battery that is closest to you and lift the battery out of the phone.

Slide the SIM card underneath the metal clip in the upper-left side of the battery bay. Ensure that the gold contacts on the SIM card are facing down and the notch on the SIM card is in the upper-left corner.