How to Insert a Cross-Reference in PowerPoint 2007

By Filonia LeChat

Updated February 10, 2017

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 software, part of the Microsoft Office Suite, makes it possible to compile, arrange and present data and information to an audience. While many PowerPoints are done live, audiences are also able to view a presentation on their computers. For these viewers, add extra functionality to your presentation by cross-referencing slides. This lets people click a slide and be instantly taken to another for more information, instead of scrolling through the slide deck or interrupting the slide show.

Open PowerPoint 2007, click the “File” tab at the top of the screen and click “Open.” Browse to the PowerPoint presentation with the slides to cross-reference and double-click the file name. The presentation opens in the PowerPoint window.

Scroll through the slide deck on the left side of the screen to get to the first slide to cross reference. This is the slide you want a viewer to click and be taken to another slide. Double-click that slide and it appears in the main portion of the PowerPoint workspace.

Highlight a line of text, bullet or word on the slide the viewer will seek in the cross-reference of the presentation. Right-click the highlighted section and select “Hyperlink.”

Click the “Place in This Document” button, the second option in the “Link to” column on the left side of the “Insert Hyperlink” window.

Scroll through the “Slide Titles” section and click once on the number of the destination slide. That slide appears in the “Slide preview” pane as a way to verify you’ve chosen the correct slide. Click the “OK” button and you’re brought back to the original slide, with the cross-referenced part now underlined and in blue.

Verify your cross-reference by right-clicking anywhere on the underlined hyperlink and selecting “Open Hyperlink.” You should be taken to the cross-referenced slide which now appears in the main pane of the PowerPoint window.

Add additional cross references as desired, then save or rename. Save the PowerPoint to your computer.