How to Insert a CD Into a Dell Home Computer Desktop Tower

By C.D. Crowder

Updated February 10, 2017

Insert CDs into your Dell system for music, software and more.
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Turn your Dell system into a home stereo system by playing your favorite CDs. Your Dell home computer desktop tower has a CD drive, which allows you to install software, play music and backup data. If your CD drive is also a CD writer, create your own music compilations or photo slideshow disk. Dell desktop tower systems allow you to insert all CD formats, such as CD, CD-ROM, CD+R, CD-R, CD+RW and CD-RW.

Press the power button on the front of your Dell system to turn it on.

Wait until your desktop is fully loaded. All icons will be listed, and the hourglass icon will turn into your normal mouse arrow icon.

Press the small rectangular "Eject" button directly below your Dell's CD drive. The drive looks like a wide, slim rectangle, roughly the size of CD case. The exact location varies based upon your Dell model.

Insert your CD, label-side up, into the CD tray.

Press the "Eject" button again or gently press the end of the CD tray until it starts to slide back into your tower.


For most CDs, an auto run menu appears asking what you would like to do with the CD as soon as your system has a chance to read the disk.


Never force the tray back into your Dell tower. Doing so may damage the tray. Always eject the CD when finished. Leaving the CD in increases your startup time.