How to Insert a Caret in Excel

By Kirk Bennet

Microsoft Excel 2010 enables you to create complex spreadsheets in your business to hold data such as employee and company information to financial information. You can insert anything from plain text and images to graphs and hyperlinks in your Excel spreadsheets. You can also insert carets in your Excel spreadsheets to represent an exponent, square, cube or other power. Although the caret represents an exponent, it has no special function and does not affect the data in a cell.

Launch Microsoft Excel on your computer, click "File," select "Open" from the menu and double-click the spreadsheet where you want to insert the caret.

Double-click the cell where you want to insert the caret. If the cell already contains data, use the arrow keys to move the cursor where you want the caret to appear.

Hold "Shift" and press "6" on the keyboard to insert a caret. You can insert multiple carets by pressing "6" multiple times.

Press "Ctrl-S" to save the spreadsheet. To save the spreadsheet as a different file, click "File," select "Save As," type a name for the new file in the File Name box, select a folder where to save it and click "Save."


You can insert more special characters by holding "Shift" and pressing the numeric keys.