How to Increase Brightness on a Dell Inspiron

By Elijah Chau

Proper brightness calibration is extremely important on a Dell Inspiron.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Dell's mid-range line of Inspiron laptops features tailored specifications in an affordable package. As with any notebook, use a Dell Inspiron for a variety of applications, ranging from gaming to multimedia viewing. Comfortable viewing depends greatly on brightness, and using a notebook with a dim screen can cause eye strain. Adjust the brightness on your Dell Inspiron laptop with ease.

Turn on your Dell Inspiron notebook. Wait for the notebook to boot into your Windows desktop. This background gives you a good way to properly calibrate the brightness to your personal comfort.

Locate the "Fn," up-arrow and down-arrow keys.

Hold down the "Fn" key. Press the up arrow to increase the screen's brightness. Press the down arrow to lower the brightness.

Release the "Fn" key once you are finished.


On some Inspiron models, the brightness keys may be mapped to one of the function keys -- the top row of keys, which includes "F2" and "F6" -- instead of the arrows. Refer to your exact keyboard if key locations vary.