How to Import Simply Accounting Into QuickBooks

By Andrew McClain

Being able to import your accounting files from one program to another is an important time-saver, no matter your business. Fortunately, programs like QuickBooks will let you import records from other accounting programs like Sage 50 -- once called Simply Accounting -- into your business records, making it easier for your to switch to new accounting software.

Export from Sage 50

Open Simply Accounting and then select "File," "Import/Export" and then "Export Records."

Select the "Export records to a Sage Simply Accounting import file format" and then click "Next."

Select the records to export and then click "Next."

Click "Finish" to complete the export process.

Import to QuickBooks

Log into QuickBooks and select "Single User" mode.

Select "File | Utilities | Import | IIF Files."

Browse to where Simply Accounting exported the IIF file and select it.

Click "Open" and then click "OK" on the confirmation message. Your data imports into QuickBooks.