How to Import RSS Content Into Blogger

By Aurelio Locsin

Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, is a feed that automatically syndicates postings from websites for distribution to blogs and other websites. Adding RSS feeds to your Blogger site can entice your customers to visit everyday, especially if the content features updates related to your product or service, or it displays updates from related websites that your visitors would be interested in.

Log in to your Blogger blog and click the title of the blog that you need from the Dashboard. The Overview page for that blog will appear.

Click “Layout."

Click “Add a Gadget."

Scroll down and click “Feed.”

Open another browser window and navigate to the website with the RSS feed you want to add. Look for the RSS icon or a “Subscribe” link, which you can click to obtain the URL. Copy this URL.

Return to the Configure Feed window of your blog and paste the URL into the Feed URL field. Click the “Continue” button to display the Configure Feed options. You can select the number of feed items to show and whether to include dates and authors. A preview of your selections will appear on the page. Click the “Save” button to save your changes, close the Configure Feed window and return to the Layout page. Your RSS feed gadget will appear at the top of the gadgets list.

Click the RSS feed gadget. Use the mouse to drag the gadget to a new location, if needed.

Click the “Save Arrangement” button to save your changes.

Click the “View Blog” button to see your blog with the feed included.