How to Import iCal to WordPress

By Richard Bashara

Share iCal events with your blog's audience through plugins.
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WordPress plugins can help you display an uploaded .ics calendar. iCalendar, or iCal for short, is the proprietary format for Mac users. iCalendar uses .ics files to keep track of events that you plan. When you upload these to your WordPress, you can display them as an events list, a standard calendar, or other formats depending on the plugin you use to upload the file.

All-In-One Events Calendar by Timely

Download the plugin package using the link in sources.

Install the plugin via the plugins menu by hovering over plugins, clicking “Add New”, and then clicking “Upload”. Upload your file via the dialogue box and WordPress will unpack and install it for you.

Upload your .ics file to your WordPress via an FTP. You may choose to create its own folder or simply upload it to the root directory of your domain. Write down the full URL of your .ics file.

Hover over “Events” and click “Calendar Feeds”. Scroll to the “iCalendar/.ics Feed URL” field and type the URL of your .ics file. When you are finished, click “+ Add New Subscription” followed by “Update Settings”.

Hover over “Appearance” and click “Widgets”. Drag the widget “Upcoming Events” to the space on your WordPress that you want to show your calendar. Click the “Save” button to save your changes and display the uploaded iCal calendar on your blog.

AMR iCal Plugin

Using WordPress, upload the AMR iCal plugin to your domain and install it. Hover over the “Plugins” menu, click “Add New” followed by “Upload” and find the plugin file for AMR iCal. WordPress will upload, unpack, and install it for you.

Upload your .ics file to the domain that houses your WordPress.

Verify the .ics link works by checking it in your browser.

Create a new page or post, and use the shortcode: “[iCal]”. Click “Publish” and your iCalendar will display on the page you created.

Event Organiser [sic]

Download Event Organiser from the link provided in sources. Log in to your WordPress and upload the plugin from the “Plugins” menu. Click “Add New” followed by “Upload” and then upload the file you downloaded. WordPress will unpack and install the plugin.

Upload the .ics file you plan to import into your WordPress to your domain via FTP.

Return to the plugins menu, locate “Event Organiser” and click “Edit”.

Perform a find function for the following, without quotes: “event-organiser/includes/event-organiser-event-functions.php”. Click on the file when you find it.

Do a find function for the following phrase without quotes: “function eo_get_events_feed”, and paste the URL to your iCal feed between the two parentheses. Click “Update File” to save your changes.

Hover over “Appearance” and click “Widgets”. Drag “Events Calendar” or “Events Agenda” over to the space that you want to use to display the .ics calendar you uploaded to your domain.