How to Import From Tumblr Into Blogger

By Brandon Getty

Import Tumblr posts into Blogger using XML files.
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Running several blogs alongside your business' official website allows you to tap into a wider online audience. Tumblr, a community-oriented platform, allows users to share and re-blog your most popular content. Blogger, which provides search engine optimization (SEO) options for your site, can help generate traffic through web searches and applicable keywords. To import your Tumblr's content into Blogger, all you need to do is generate an XML file using a free third-party service.

Go to (see Resources). Tumblr2WordPress generates an XML file containing all of your Tumblr content that can be imported into Blogger.

Enter the URL of your Tumblr blog into the "Tumblr Account" field. Select either "HTML" or "Plain Text" in the "Exported Content Format" section.

Select your desired permalink format in the "Permalink Slugs" section. Using descriptive keywords in the permalink will result in higher placement in search results.

Click the "Self-Hosted WordPress Installation" radio button. Configure the menus in the "Post Options" section as desired.

Select "Export" to generate the XML file. Save the file to an easy-to-remember location.

Log into your Blogger account in a separate tab. Click the down arrow next to "View blog," then select "Settings." Click the "Other" hyperlink.

Select "Import blog" from beneath the "Blog tools" heading. Click the "Browse..." button and select the XML file you saved in Step 5.

Enter the CAPTCHA code and check the "Automatically publish all imported posts" box. Click "Import Blog."

Click "View blog" to view your imported Tumblr posts on your Blogger blog.


Only plan text and HTML will actually be exported in the XML file. Any published images or videos will be linked to from your Blogger page.