How to Import a PDF Into Pages

By Andrew McClain

When Apple made Pages, it released an inexpensive full-featured word processing program that performs all the important functions that Microsoft Word does. You can author documents, create sophisticated layouts and make professional-looking papers, fliers and brochures. As you work on a document, you might want to insert content from a PDF file. Instead of typing the content into your Pages document, you can import the PDF directly into Pages, so it appears similar to a graphic you inserted into your document.

Launch Pages and open a new or existing document.

Position the cursor where you want to place the PDF.

Select "Insert" and then "Choose" from the main menu to open a search dialog.

Browse to the PDF you want to insert. Select it and then click "Insert." The PDF will appear in the document, where you can read the text or see any images that were in it.


You can also drag a PDF icon into your Pages document to the position you want to insert it.


Information in this article applies to Pages '09. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.