How to Import a CD to an iTunes Playlist

by Neil EdwardsUpdated February 10, 2017

Apple's iTunes media player allows you to download music to your library from the iTunes Music Store and copy your music to connected iPods, iPads and iPhones. You can also add music that you already own on a CD to your iTunes library by using the "Import CD" function built into iTunes. You can drag songs from a CD to a playlist to import them directly into that playlist and keep your music organized and accessible.

Insert your audio CD into your computer's CD drive.

Launch iTunes. Click your audio CD in the "Sources" list on the left side of the iTunes window.

Hold down the "Ctrl" key and press the "A" key to select all the songs on your CD.

Drag your selected songs to the playlist you want to import them to in the "Playlists" list on the left side of the iTunes window.


To create a new playlist to import your CD to, press the "N" key while holding down the "Ctrl" key. Type a name for your new playlist, and press "Enter."


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