How to Hook Up HDMI Cable Television to a Projector

By Nathan McGinty

If your small business depends on video images to keep customers rolling in, you're going to want the biggest and best image you can get. This typically means using one of the new range of HD projectors to get your image as large as possible. By using the latest High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables to connect a cable television box to a projector, you can project TV shows such as sporting events for your business audience.

Power down your cable television box.

Power down your projector if it is currently running. Allow the projector the recommended time to cool before proceeding.

Connect one end of the HDMI connector to the "HDMI In" connection on the projector.

Connect the other end of the HDMI projector to the "HDMI Out" socket on your cable box.

Power on both the cable TV box and the projector. Remove the projector cap, if needed.

Change the "Video Input" on the projector to "HDMI." Some projectors, such as the Epson 710HD, will automatically detect the HDMI connection and switch the input. If your projector doesn't automatically pick up on the HDMI connection, you will need to switch it manually. This is done either through the video input menu on the projector, or via an "HDMI" button on the projector body.


The HDMI connector fits only way way into the socket. Do not attempt to force it in the wrong way as you may damage both the connector and the socket.