How to Hook Up an Old DVD/VCR Player Recorder to a New LCD TV

By Robert Vaux

Updated February 10, 2017

LCD TVs are designed to work with the newest technology available. Most types have a number of different cable outlets, allowing you to connect the TV to any number of devices. But what about older accessories, such as early DVD players and VCRs? Can they connect to an LCD TV too? They can, and very easily to boot. There are two different types of cable outlet which should work with any older DVD, VCR or combo device. You simply need to locate them on your LCD TV.

Check the cable outlets in the back of your LCD TV. You can also check the diagram in your owner's manual. You are looking for two distinct types of outlet. The first is a coaxial outlet--round and raised with a series of screw bevels in the sides. The center contains a milky white plastic with a pinhole in the middle. The second is a set of RCA outlets--three smaller round outlets, color-coded white, red and yellow. There may be more than one set of them on your LCD. It doesn't matter which set you use, as long as you note which one it is.

Examine the back of your DVD player/VCR. You're looking for an identical set of outlets, either a coaxial outlet or a set of RCA outlets. If there's more than one set, find the ones labeled "Out" or "Out to TV."

Connect a set of RCA cables from the "Out" or "Out to TV" outlets on the DVD player or VCR to one of the corresponding sets on the LCD TV. Each cable should match an outlet of the same color (red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow).

If you do not have a set of RCA cable outlets on your DVD or VCR, use a coaxial cable to connect to the LCD TV. Connect the "Out" or "Out to TV" outlet on the DVD or VCR to the "In" or "In From Antenna" outlet on the TV. If your cable or satellite connection is already connected to the TV from that outlet, remove it and connect it to the "In" or "In From Antenna" outlet on your VCR or DVD player.

Turn on your LCD TV and access the video input options. There should be a button on your remote which corresponds to this (check your instruction manual to see which one). Set the TV to the input matching the outlet hooked up to the DVD/VCR, then watch your tapes or discs as normal.

Items you will need

  • LCD TV

  • DVD, VCR or DVD/VCR combo

  • RCA cables or coaxial cables


Older DVDs and VCRs are not capable of displaying shows in high definition (HD). You can still watch them just fine, but they won't be as sharp or clear as they would with a newer VCR or DVD player.

Turn off the LCD TV and DVD or VCR before connecting the cables. You don't want electricity running through the wires until everything is set up.