How to Hook Up a DVD Player to a Samsung LCD TV With Cable Box

by Greyson FergusonUpdated February 10, 2017
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Samsung is a popular electronics company that produces a wide range of television systems. This includes LCD TVs (both high definition and standard) in a variety of different sizes. These televisions make it possible to hook up many different audio/video devices, including both cable receiver boxes and DVD players. Once connected it only takes the press of a single button to choose which device you want to view.

Power down all of the devices. If the television and other audio/video equipment is powered on when hooking up the system you may inadvertently receive an electronic shock.

Insert the RCA audio/video cables into the "Video Out" port on the DVD player. Plug the opposite end of the cables into the "Video In" port on the TV.

Connect the second pair of RCA audio/video cables into the "Video Out" ports on the cable receiver box. Attach the free end of the cables into the "Video In" ports of the television. The Samsung LCD television has multiple RCA video in ports so don't worry about running out of connections.

Power on the television, DVD player and cable receiver. Push the "Input" button and choose "Video." This brings up the first RCA cable connection. Choose video again and the cable receiver box's content appears on the screen.

Items you will need

  • Samsung LCD TV

  • DVD player

  • Cable receiver box

  • 2 sets of RCA audio/video cables


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