How to Hook up a Canon Printer to a Dell Laptop

By Jeff Grundy

A Dell laptop enables business owners to be nearly as productive on the road as they are in the office. Whether you're communicating with vendors or customers via the Web or crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, a Dell laptop lets you do virtually everything you can on your office PC. However, occasionally, you may want to print documents from your laptop, rather than sending them to another computer over the office network or through email. If your office has a Canon printer, you can connect it to your Dell laptop and start printing documents in just a few minutes.

Open the CD/DVD drive tray on the Dell laptop and insert the installation disc for the Canon printer. Alternatively, visit the website and download the latest driver for the model printer you want to connect to the laptop (see link in Resources).

Click the "Setup" or "Install Printer" link in the setup wizard window that appears after you close the drive tray for the optical drive. Or open Windows Explorer, navigate to the file you downloaded from the Canon website and double-click it.

Accept the End User License Agreement for the printer software if prompted to do so. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to install the software and printer driver until prompted to connect to the Canon printer.

Connect the power cord to the Canon printer and insert paper into it if you have not already done so. If you powered on the printer, turn it off before connecting it to the Dell laptop. Connect the USB data cable to the printer and a free USB port on the Dell laptop.

Power on the Canon printer, and then wait a few seconds for the installation wizard to detect the connection and prompt you to continue the installation.

Click the "Continue" or "Next" button in the setup wizard window when prompted. Wait a few seconds for the utility to configure the printer for use in Windows.

Click the "Test Printer" or "Print a Test Page" link in the setup wizard window when it appears. Wait a few seconds for the setup utility to send a test document to the printer and for it to print.

Click "Finish" or "OK" button in the setup wizard when prompted. Remove the installation disc from the optical drive or close Windows Explorer if you downloaded the setup file from the Internet. Use the Canon to print documents from the Dell laptop.

Items you will need

  • USB data cable

  • Canon printer installation disc