How to Hide Your E-Mail Address in Outlook

By C. Taylor

You might want some emails to remain anonymous.
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Outlook 2013 requires a From email address, but it doesn't have to be your primary business address. If you want to conceal your address when composing a new email or replying to a message, you have two options. Changing the default email address on your account hides the address on all messages. Alternatively, you can change the From address on individual emails so your main address remains the default for other messages.

Change Account Settings

Click the "File" tab, select the "Account Settings" drop-down menu and choose "Account Settings."

Click your name or email address from the E-Mail tab and select "Change."

Enter a different email address in the E-mail Address field. If you don't have a generic email address, consider getting one through Gmail, Yahoo or Don't change the values in the Server Information and Logon Information fields so you can still check email from your main account.

Click "Next" and wait for the Test Account Settings window to show "Completed." This will only take a few seconds.

Click "Close" and then "Finish." Click "Close" again to close the Account Settings window.

Change Individual Messages

Open a new composition window or reply to an email.

Click "Options" and select "From" in the Show Fields group.

Click the "From" drop-down menu that just appeared above the To field and select "Other E-Mail Address."

Enter a different email address in the pop-up window and click "OK" to use that alternate address. You can then compose and send the email as normal.