How to Have Google Voice Give Out a Recorded Message

By Lori Kaufman

If you use Google Voice in your business to keep in touch with your clients, you can configure the service to play back a recorded message when you can't answer an incoming call. For example, you can apologize to the client and tell him when or where he can reach you. The client then has the option to leave you a voice message using Google's voicemail service. Recording and using a custom greeting message is free and takes just a few minutes.

Click the gear icon near the top of any Google page and click "Voice Settings" to open the Voice Settings window.

Select the "Voicemail and SMS" tab and then click the "Add" link in the Vociemail Greeting section.

Type a name for the new greeting and then click "OK" to display the Record Greeting box.

Select the phone number you want to use to record the greeting from the "Phone to Ring" menu. Google will call this phone number.

Click "Connect" and wait for Google to call the number. Answer the call and record your new greeting message when prompted.

Ensure the new voicemail greeting is selected in the Voicemail Greeting menu and then click the "Save Changes" button to start using the new recorded message.