How to Go to the First Post on a Tumblr Page

By Avery Martin

If you own a business and keep in contact with potential customers using your Tumblr page, you can locate the very first post. Tumblr categorizes post by month and year and places previous months in an archive. To access the first post made on a Tumblr page, you must access the archive section of Tumblr. You can also use this process to view another person's first Tumblr post.

Click on the "Archive" link on your Tumblr page.

Click the "Jump To Month" button and then click the back arrow to find the first year you posted on Tumblr.

Select the earliest available month from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down to the last post on the page and click on the image to show the very first post.


If the archive button doesn't appear, enter the username for the Tumblr page in the address bar followed by "" to access the archive. Some templates might not show the archive link in the sidebar.

If you have had your Tumblr page for several years, you can find the first post your business made and post it in your office for commemoration purposes to provide clients a piece of your company's history.