How to Get Yahoo Email to Work With Incredimail

By B. Steele

If you have a paid subscription to Yahoo mail, you can enable POP3 access and retrieve your messages with IncrediMail.
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IncrediMail is a free email client for Windows that enables you to add visual effects such as background images, emoticons and sounds to your outgoing messages. Since the program supports the POP3 protocol, you can configure it to work with your Yahoo email account if you currently subscribe to either Yahoo Mail Plus or one of Yahoo’s business email packages.

Enable POP3 Access in Yahoo Mail

Log in to your Yahoo email account.

Click “Options” at the top of the screen and choose “Mail Options.”

Click “Pop & Forwarding” on the left and select “Access Yahoo Mail via POP.” Use the drop-down menu below to indicate what you want to do with suspected spam messages. You can leave spam messages on Yahoo’s server, download them into IncrediMail with your other messages or download them with a special “spam” prefix.

Click “Save.”

Configure the IncrediMail Client

Open IncrediMail, click “Tools” and choose “Email Accounts . . . ”

Click the “Add” button in the Mail Accounts dialog box.

Click the radio button next to “Let me configure settings myself” and click “Next.” Alternatively, you can choose the “automatic” option if you already have your Yahoo email account configured in another desktop client such as Outlook.

Enter your name in the appropriate field. This is how your name will appear on outgoing messages.

Type your full Yahoo email address in the “Your email address” field and click “Next.” IncrediMail should retrieve Yahoo’s email server settings automatically, and you can skip to the next step. If it does not, select “POP3” from the “My incoming mail server type is” drop-down, enter “” (without quotes here and throughout) in the “Incoming mail server” field, “” in the “Outgoing mail server” field and then click “Next.”

Enter your Yahoo account username and password in the appropriate fields and click “Finish.” Retrieve your messages by clicking the “Get mail” button.


If you don’t have a paid Yahoo email account subscription and you don’t want to purchase one just to use POP3, you can set up auto-forwarding to another email account and configure that account in IncrediMail instead. Yahoo’s auto-forwarding setting is located in the “POP & Forwarding” menu in Mail Options. However, if you use auto-forwarding, you won’t be able to use IncrediMail to send messages from your Yahoo account.