How to Get to Your Blacklist on Facebook

By Matt Koble

Your Facebook blacklist lets you see a list of everything you have blocked on Facebook, including users, applications and some types of requests. From the Manage Blocking page, you can also add new people, apps or requests to the blacklist, preventing that content from bothering you with notifications. This is useful for filtering out bothersome applications and people when you're using Facebook for business purposes. If you use a Facebook page for your business, you can see a list showing all users you've banned from your page.

Click Facebook's "Account Menu" drop-down menu, which is the downward-facing arrow next to Home, and select "Privacy Settings."

Click the "Manage Blocking" link to open your Facebook blacklist. This page lists everything you've blocked on Facebook, including users, apps and event, or app invites from specific people.

Each section lists the blocked people or apps. Click "Unblock" next to any entry to remove the block for that person or app. Facebook updates the settings automatically, so click "Facebook" or "Back to Privacy" when you're done to exit the Manage Blocking screen.


From your Bussiness' Facebook page Admin Panel, select the "Edit Page" drop-down list and select "See Banned Users" for a list of users you've banned from your page.