How to Get Rid of Starred Places on Google Maps

By Joshua Phillips

Google Maps not only allows you to get directions between locations but also save locations you frequent as well. When you use Google Maps with a Google account, you can "star" a location by clicking the star icon next to it, allowing you to view the location at a later date from your Google account. While you can remove a starred place by clicking the star icon while on a location on the map, it is tedious to manually select each location on the map. However, you can also remove starred places from the My Places section of Google Maps.

Navigate to Google Maps and sign in to your account.

Click "My Places."

Click "Starred."

Click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the starred location you want to remove and click "Delete." Alternatively, you can click the icon of a star so that the star is no longer colored in to remove it from your starred locations list.


On a mobile phone, you can delete starred locations from the Local tab of Google Maps.