How to Get Google Finance Data to Excel

By William Pullman

The Google Finance website has a Portfolios section, which allows business owners to research and monitor stock prices. You can select a variety of information to view, including an overview of the stock, stock performance in relation to your transactions and a list of your transactions. Historical prices are also available on Google Finance outside of the Portfolios section. The Portfolio and Historical Prices sections of the website have the option of downloading the information in spreadsheet format, which you can then import to Excel. Google Finance, like most Google services, requires a free Google account.

Navigate to the Google Finance website, click "Sign In" and enter your information to log in to your Google account.

Click "Portfolios" and then the name of the portfolio that you want to export.

Click the "Overview," "Performance" or "Transactions" tabs to view the information that you want to export. If you're interested in the past performance of a stock, type the name of the company in the search box and click the name of the company when it appears in the results. Then click "Historical Prices" in the menu.

Click the "Download to Spreadsheet" link. The portfolio is downloaded to your computer in a file labeled "data.csv."

Open Excel, click "File," "Open" and then select the "data.csv" file.

Click "Finish" in the Text Import Wizard window to view the portfolio data in Excel.


Information in this article applies to Excel 2010. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.