How to Get Free Pager Service

By Alexandra Bee

Updated February 10, 2017

Free pager services are available online with different features, depending on the company.
i pager image by Roman Sigaev from

Though today cell phones play a major part in day-to-day communication, pagers are still in existence and some companies offer pager services absolutely free. Pagers allow direct communication by sending numbers as messages to others with a pager to inform someone you wish to talk with him. Using the Internet, you can find a pager service that best fits your needs and is free.

Open your computer’s default Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox).

Browse to a well-known, secure free pager service, such as Free or ForeverPage (see Resources). These companies offer free pager services to anyone with Internet access and the ability to sign up for their service.

Visit multiple company websites to get a look at the free services they provide to compare and get the best deal on the market.

Register on the free pager service website of your choice when you have decided on a suitable service that meets all of your needs and wants. Be sure to confirm that the website you have chosen is secure and reliable since your pager messages may be of importance.

Log into the pager website with your username and password. You can view your pager messages as well as other information on using your free pager number to send and receive messages. Some pager services offer online services where you can manage your page messages directly on the Internet, while others offer forwarding services of free messaging to your existing pager device.