How to Form a Website Using Microsoft Publisher

By John Ruiz

Microsoft Publisher is an application that aids you in making various forms of print media. It provides a friendly interface that lets you create different publications like postcards, greeting cards, newsletters, brochures, and other designs for specific templates such as envelopes. Although the program is not a primary tool for professional Web designers, you can still form a simple website in just a few steps and then export it to HTML format that Web browsers can read.

Launch Microsoft Publisher from the Start Menu. Click on any template category that closely matches the type of website that you wish to create. Choose a blank template if you wish to create the website from scratch.

Click the "Home" tab on the Microsoft Publisher toolbar and select any of the icons on the "Objects" section to create elements for your page. For instance, click the "Picture" button if you wish to import a picture. Click the "Insert" tab to see more things that you can add to your site, such as Microsoft Word documents or WordArt, which is basically text with added styles.

Click on any of the elements that you added on your page and drag to reposition them so you can form a layout for your page.

Click the "File" menu or the round office button on the upper left if you are still using Microsoft Office 2007 and click the "Save As" item. Choose a location where you wish to save the page and click the "Save As Type" drop-down box. Select "Web Page, Filtered" and click the "Save" button.


Microsoft Publisher 2007 features webpage templates that are highly recommended for making quick sites. Try out those templates first before starting with a blank one.


Since Microsoft Publisher is more of a publishing application rather than a dedicated webpage design tool, be sure to check your page before closing Microsoft Publisher. If the page looks different than the design you made, make some adjustments by making the elements a bit smaller or placing them closer together so the page better fits on different kinds of monitors. After you save your webpage, you may not be able to edit some elements of the page if you wish to make changes. It is better to save the page in the standard Microsoft Publisher format if you plan to make edits in the future.