How to Focus a Projector

By Gemma Craig

An out-of-focus projector can disrupt a presentation.
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Whether you use a projector for board meetings, conferences with clients or as part of your everyday work equipment, it's essential to make sure that the projector is focused properly. A blurry image makes it difficult to see what's being projector and causes eye strain and will give an impression of being unprofessional to potential clients or customers. Focusing a projector can be accomplished by twisting its focus ring or dial, or by sliding its focus switch.

Locate your projector's focus ring, dial or switch. Some projectors can be manually focused by twisting the lens, while others have a dial or switch that needs to be either turned or slid. Consult with your projector's manual if you're unable to locate the focusing mechanism.

Turn on the projector so that its default display image appears on the wall or projection screen.

Turn the lens or dial, or slide the focusing switch until the projected image comes into focus and appears sharp.


Readjust the focus if you move the projector to a different location after focusing.