How to Fix Your iPod Touch When the Volume Doesn't Work

By Baptist Johnson

Updated February 10, 2017

Fix your iPod device and get back to listening to music.
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The iPod Touch is a portable electronic device. Over time, you may begin to notice problems with your iPod Touch, such as the volume not working. However, the sound system on the iPod is one of the easiest to troubleshoot. Fixing an issue with the volume on your iPod is often as simple as running through a checklist of steps.

Remove the headphones from the iPod device. Inspect the headphone port for debris or visual signs of damage. Reconnect the headphones to the device. Ensure the headphones are pushed all the way into the port.

Open the music player. Check the volume settings to ensure your device is not on mute. Choose a song and hit play to ensure the music player is not paused. Play a different song to ensure that you are not trying to play a corrupted file.

Verify that your device is not synced with a Bluetooth headset. Press the “Home” key on the bottom of the device to navigate to the home screen. Select the “Settings” option, select the “General” option and select the “Bluetooth” option. Ensure a Bluetooth device is not enabled.

Connect your iPod device to your computer via the iPod sync cord. Wait while your computer syncs with your iPod. Look for a notice that offers an updated version of iTunes. Update to the latest version of iTunes, if you are still using an earlier version of iTunes.

Restart your iPod device. Hold down the “Sleep/Wake” key on the side of the iPod until your screen displays a prompt that reads “Slide to power off.” Slide the slider across the screen to turn off your device. Allow the device to remain off for at least 30 seconds. Press the “Sleep/Wake” key until your iPod turns on.

Reset your iPod device if everything else fails to fix the volume. Hold down the “Sleep/Wake” key for at least 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Allow your system to boot up.


Contact Apple Support if your volume still doesn't work after running through this checklist.