How to Fix My Computer if It Won't Let Me Update Windows

By Larry Amon

Updated February 10, 2017

Computer viruses often block you from updating Windows.
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There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a computer and cause various problems. One of the key steps to troubleshooting a computer issue is to make sure you have the latest Windows Updates. If you want to run Windows Updates, and for some reason you can’t, the problem is almost always because a virus has disabled Windows Updates in order to prevent you from removing the virus. This must be fixed so that your computer can be free of the viruses and brought up to date to resolve any other problems.

Back up all of your documents and files to prevent the loss of some or all of your important data.

Make sure your Internet connection is working. Install antivirus software and check for antivirus updates. Disconnect from the internet and then scan the entire hard drive and remove all the viruses that are found. Restart the computer and check for viruses again. Remove any that are found.

Reinstall Windows if—after removing viruses or if there are no viruses found—you still can’t update Windows. Insert the Windows CD in the drive and restart the computer. Choose to accept the license agreement when the Windows CD boots up. Choose to do an installation—not a repair—at the first prompt to do a repair. Choose to repair an existing Windows installation and finish installing Windows at the next prompt.

Reconnect to the Internet. Test your Internet connection to make sure it is working. Go to the Windows Update option in the Start menu or in the programs list. Choose to find the latest updates and then install them.


Clear your browsers history to help keep viruses off your computer.