How to Fix an Internet Download that "Timed Out"

By Melissa King

Slow Internet speeds contribute to failed downloads.
i John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you're downloading an important file for a customer or client, you rely on your Internet service to work without any hiccups. Sometimes, though, you might get a message that says your connection to the download server has timed out. If this happens, your download will fail. You can repair the incomplete file by starting the download again. If problems persist, you'll need to fix the download using an alternate method.

Resume the download if it paused when your connection timed out. If you can't resume the download, restart it.

Reboot your wireless router and modem. If you're having problems with your wireless Internet, connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable.

Download the file from a different server, if possible. Some servers may have slow download speeds while others do not.

Download the file at another time. If too many people are downloading the file from the same server, your download may fail. Alternatively, if the server goes down for maintenance, your download will fail.

Use a download manager, such as FlashGet or Internet Download Manager. These applications monitor your downloads and resume them if they fail.


You can test your Internet speed on sites such as, AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner Cable. If you're not getting close to the speed advertised by your Internet service provider, call the company's customer support department for assistance.


Only install a download manager from a trusted source. Many malware programs ride along on software claiming to be a benign download manager.