How to Fix a Rotated Picture on My Computer From My iPhone

By John Granby

Fix the orientation of your pictures in Windows.
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Once you download pictures from an iPhone to a Windows computer, you may find that some of them are rotated to one side or some may even be completely upside down. This can be annoying when you want to share the photos with others. The orientation of the pictures is set originally by your iPhone, but you can rotate images using the Photos application, which is provided as standard in Windows 8.

Launch the Photos application on your Windows 8 computer from the Start screen.

Select the photo group that contains the picture you want to edit, and then select the picture you want to edit.

Right-click on the picture and select "Rotate." The picture will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Depending on the orientation of the picture, repeat this step a few times to correct the orientation of the picture.

Click "Save Copy" when done.


The information in this article applies to Windows 8.