How to Fix a Glare in iPhoto

By Brandon Getty

Remove glare from headshots using iPhoto.
i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Taking headshots is a great way to add legitimacy to your business. Whether they'll be used on your website or business cards, the photographs should be sharp, clear and professional looking. Depending on where the headshots are taken, small patches of glare or unwanted reflection may occur on eyeglasses or window panes. These can be minimized and removed using the iPhoto software.

Open the iPhoto software. Click "File," then "Import to Library" and choose the files or folder you wish to edit. Click the "Open" button to begin importing the files.

Click the "Edit" tab from the top menu, then "Quick Fixes." From the secondary menu, choose "Retouch."

Locate all instances of glare or unwanted reflection in the photo you have opened. Under the "Size" heading, use the slider bar to make your Retouch tool roughly the same size as the glare. Moving the slider to left makes it smaller, while moving it to the right makes it larger.

Click and drag your Retouch tool carefully over the glare. The Retouch tool automatically recognizes the surrounding area and uses it to mask the glare.

Perform these steps for all other areas where glare or unwanted reflection occurs.


For very small fixes, it may help to zoom in on your image prior to retouching. Select "View," then "Zoom In" to make your image larger.