How to Fix a CD Stuck in a Sony Five Disc CD Changer

By Darla Ferrara

Updated February 10, 2017

Sony created a CD player that features a 5-disc carousel where you can load both CD-R and CD-RW formats. This means the player from Sony can use your favorite artist's album or one you mix personally. The design of a five disc CD player is not that different from a unit that only holds one disc, but the tray is bigger. When a disc gets stuck, the goal is to get the tray to eject from the machine or to expose the platform and remove the troublesome disc.

Push in the door on the front of the player that covers the CD tray.

Press in the tray slightly using the fingers from the hand holding the door open. The tray is spring-loaded so you will feel a small give when you press. Use your other hand to hold down the "Eject" button, which is next to the tray on the front of the player, at the same time. Once the button is down, let go of the tray and see if it ejects.

Push down gently on the tray if it still does not come free and repeat the process of pressing the eject button.

Unplug the player from the wall outlet if the tray remains stuck. Turn the unit over and remove the screws from the top cover using your screwdriver. Set the screws aside. Flip the player back over and gently pull off the cover. This exposes the CDs sitting in the tray. Remove all of the discs and reattach the cover.


If discs continue to stick in your player, it may require service.


Do not remove the cover with the machine plugged in to avoid the potential of electric shock.