How to Add Contacts to Calendar on Android

By David Weinberg

The Android smartphone is designed to integrate with your Google account to keep your personal information synchronized between the phone and Google's online applications like GMail and Google Calendar. Each of the Google apps on your phone can access this information, allowing you to link certain information, such as calendar entries, to other information, like contact names. By adding contacts to your calendar entries, you can keep track of who will be participating in events with you, and you can quickly contact those people directly from the calendar entry. Google will also send your guests information about the event in an invitation.

Step 1

Tap the "Calendar" icon on the Android's home screen or in the application drawer to open the calendar application.

Step 2

Tap a date to view your appointments for that day. Tap an appointment for more information on the event.

Step 3

Press your phone's "Menu" button and tap "Edit."

Step 4

Scroll down to the "Guests" field and tap the text entry area.

Step 5

Tap the "Contact" button to bring up a list of the contacts on your phone. Scroll through the list and tap a contact to add that individual to the current event.

Step 6

Tap "Save" to save the changes to your event. This will also send out invitations to your guest list.

Tap the guest's name on the event's details page to bring up a list of contact options. Tap a contact option to call, message or email the contact.