How to Fix a CD Drive That Keeps Popping Out on My Laptop

By demand13783

Updated February 10, 2017

Clean your CD drive thoroughly.
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The CD drive is an important part of any laptop. So when the CD drawer keeps popping out, you want to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Taking a laptop to the repair shop for this kind of problem can be quite costly, so knowing how to troubleshoot and resolve this common issue can save you a great deal of money.

Open the CD drawer and clean the entire CD tray with a soft cloth. Accumulated dust and dirt can get on the tray and cause read errors on your CD. When those read errors are detected, the CD drawer will automatically eject to prevent damage to the drive and the laser lens.

Shut the laptop down and remove the power cord. Turn the laptop over and locate the screw that holds the CD drive in place. Carefully remove that screw and set it aside.

Grasp the front of the CD drive with your fingers and gently pull it out of the slot. Push the drive back into the slot to reseat it, then replace the screw and turn the laptop back on.

Insert a laser lens cleaner into the CD drive if the CD drive is still popping out. If the drive has been cleaned and reseated, the problem is most likely a dirty laser lens. Laser lens cleaning disks are available at most electronics retailers.

Allow the laser lens cleaner to cycle, then try your CD again. If the drawer continues to pop out, the drive is probably defective and will need to be replaced.

Items you will need

  • Soft cloth

  • Small screwdriver set

  • Laser lens cleaner

  • CD